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Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 10:06 AM
Subject: What Does A Lost Customer Cost You?


I just read your article entitled, “What Does A Lost Customer Cost you?” I must tell you that your findings were spot on. I have worked for too many companies and been subject to lost customers with the customer strategy of we will just make up for it with, drum roll please, new customers! It does NOT work! “Retaining a customer can increase revenue by as much as 30%.” I believe your numbers are accurate. In this economy for a business owner or CEO to keep thinking that way, he will find himself in the red and out of business. My example has always been DIRECTV. I have been and continue to be a loyal customer for years. DIRECTV continues to try and sign new clients to the point of ignoring its existing clientele. If I call and suggest that I want to cancel a rep can usually help to find some sort of discount for me.

It is for that reason Patrick that I have joined a small start up by the name of Cleva Technologies. The founder and COO has developed wireless technology that allows the customer to provide feedback autonomously! Xit Poll ( is a revolutionary free standing survey kiosk that lets you collect customer feedback while your customers are still immersed in the actual experience of the product or service you offer. Xit Poll is the ultimate customer engagement device. It combines a versatile, easy-to-use, rugged survey device with a powerful, user-friendly web-based data management system. Xit Poll significantly improves customer response rates compared to phone, web, paper, or any other survey method—then collects, organizes, and reports the data accurately, and automatically.

Your conclusion is tremendous-“You will need to hold on to every customer that you can.” What else do you need to say?

Just a great article!

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