Management Contract Services

Mission Critical Financial & Operational Consulting


  • Streamlined 5 accounting programs into one SAP Business integrated accounting/management information system.  Productivity was increased by 60%, profitability was increased by 15%, and payroll was reduced.
  •  Initiated inventory management/control procedures and consolidated warehouse operations. These efforts enabled 10 annual inventory turns, decreased inventory $60K, and reduced customer deliveries by 3 days.  
  • Decreased project completion time 30% by introducing a project management system to track inter-departmental progress and accountability.

  • Reduced costs 18% while improving employee morale by modifying enterprise policies and creating comprehensive personnel policies.

  • Collaborated with China manufacturing facilities to identify root cause of product defects, cutting defective switch rates from 5.00% to .05%.



  •  As contract CFO, assisted company to develop business plan and secure venture capital.  Streamlined operating policies and procedures, provided strategic research, and created an employee policy manual that endured the corporate culture.



  •  Secured non-bank financing when company’s bank cancelled their line of credit.  (Principle client accounting for 40% of business went bankrupt.) 


  • Found new product lines and built a new customer base during restructuring and showed the company how to cut 70% of its operating expenses.  They’re now a successful multimillion dollar company, with many customers in the Fortune 500.



  • Took a company with cash flow problems and turned their cash flow positive in 34 days for the first time in two years.

  • Developed a successful strategy to improve company’s cash flow and increased profitability by 38 percent.




  • Developed product profitability models to identify how customers used each of the company’s 57 products.


  •  Diversified product offerings to help offset changes in the consumer products industry.


  • Streamlined warehouse operations and implemented pallet system.


  • Negotiated fair and equitable contracts with customers and vendors.


  • Introduced personnel policies that brought standardization and consistency to operations and improved employee morale.